Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peter Pan finger puppets

A bit later than I'd hoped, but they're finally done!  I had some orders come in and some other projects come up, so I didn't get these done as soon as planned, but here are the aforementioned Peter Pan finger puppets!

This is the full ten piece set with (from top left to bottom right) Wendy, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Smee, Crocodile, Tigerlily, Lost Boy, Michael, and John.

I'm also selling them as a five piece set with the Crocodile, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Wendy.

I had a lot of fun designing and making this set.  They're definitely the most detailed and intricate of any of the puppet sets I've done so far.

Even the backs are really detailed.  I love the little tails on the crocodile and lost boy, and of course the little bum flap on Michael's pajamas.

A close-up of Captain Hook.  It's a bit hard to see (shouldn't have used a white background... oops!) but he has a big white feather sticking out of his hat.

Close-up of Mr. Crocodile, complete with mouth that opens to reveal pointy teeth!

Tigerlily was one of my favorites to design and make.  I hand-stitched the accents onto her dress and even braided the black felt for her hair.  Plus I love the bright turquoise feather.

I've got several more new puppet sets in the works, and hopefully will have them done and pictures up soon!

Also, I'm going to be raising the prices on some of my older finger puppet sets, so if you want to get them at their current low prices, place an order in my shop before the end of the week!  Price changes will be effective this Saturday.