Friday, November 15, 2013

legions of dragons

I recently got multiple custom order requests for the same thing (at about the same time) - dragon puppets in a variety of bright colors! Funny that I got the orders all around the same time, and they were all being used as party favors for kids' birthday parties. (Can't wait for my kids to get old enough to ask why I don't give out awesome themed party favors for their parties…:)

Anyway, in the process, I ended up making nearly 70 dragon puppets over the course of about two weeks! It was intense! And one night when my husband had to work late, I told him it was ok, I'd just be working on my legions of dragons.

To which he responded that I now have to write a children's fantasy novel with that title. So I will now be accepting potential plot lines or dragon names for my debut novel! (Confession: I have actually always dreamed of writing a novel. Maybe I will! Not sure if it will be about dragons though.)

I was really happy with the way these all turned out - I'd only ever done green dragons before, but I love the bright rainbow of colors!

You learn some interesting things when making large quantities of any item. For instance, the cute little details that I loved about these dragons when I designed them began to cause some serious hand cramping from cutting out all those tiny pieces. We're talking nearly 150 little dragon ears, friends! I really wish I'd taken a picture of the piles of little pieces I had all over the table - wings, tails, ears, etc. in bright little fuzzy mounds. Or at least a picture of all of them! But some were finished and shipped before the rest based on when the orders came in.

But I do have some pictures in various stages of done-ness.

Paint drying, waiting for snouts and fire.

Just about done, waiting for the last of the paint on the eyes to dry!

Stacks of finished dragons! (Sorry, not the greatest picture I know… I took it on my phone with weird light coming through the blinds. Oh well.)

I really did enjoy making all of these dragons, and find it so funny that I got all the orders so close together. I actually made some extras just in case I got any more requests!

Now I'm off to go finish up my zoos, nativities, and some Christmas projects for a Christmas boutique coming up in a few weeks. I'll post more info on it soon!