Monday, April 16, 2012

welcome home!

My younger sister has been gone for the last 18 months on a mission for our church, but she got home on Wednesday!  We're so excited to spend some time with her - especially since she hasn't seen Jack since he was a little baby!

So to welcome her home, Jack and I made an awesome shirt for him to wear to the airport.

You can probably tell which parts he did, and which I did.  I think maybe the two of us could start a modern art gallery.  

This was probably the best picture we got of him actually wearing his welcome home shirt, even though you can't see the shirt very well... But the other pictures he looks rather grumpy or blurry because he wanted to run up and down the escalators.  And of course I tried to get a picture of him with my sister, but that was probably the worst one of the day!  We'll have to try again another day.

Jack had fun spending time with all of his Aunties this weekend!

(Do we look like sisters?)


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    1. She served in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, Spanish speaking. So now she's trying to teach us all Spanish! :)