Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new finger puppets on their way

I've spent the afternoon designing and cutting out a whole bunch of little pattern pieces for a new finger puppet set I'm working on!  I'm really excited for it, and think it is going to turn out really cute.  But now my fingers hurt from cutting out all those tiny details (yep, I'm a big wuss.)

Any guesses what all these pieces make?  If you can guess what this finger puppet set will be, I'll send you a coupon for free shipping from my store!  Just leave me a comment and I'll be in touch if you get it right!

Oh, I guess I should make a deadline since I'll be listing these in my shop when I finish... You have until St Patrick's Day (this Saturday) to send in your guesses!

*Update: You can now check out the finished puppets here, or over in my shop!


  1. Peter pan, tink, the lost boys, etc...? BTW love your stuff and miss you lots :)

  2. Hmm... More like little red riding hood?

  3. Time to announce the winner.... Veronica, you got it right!! It is a Peter Pan set! I'll send you your coupon code!

    And thanks for all the other guesses - you gave me some good ideas for some other puppet sets!

    Pictures of all the new puppets coming soon.