Wednesday, March 14, 2012

exciting news!

We got to see baby #2 in an ultrasound last week, and found the exciting news - it's a boy!!  We're so excited (and maybe a little nervous...) for Jack to have a little partner in crime.  He's excited too!

We had a hard time getting him to hold still and not throw the balloons (he thinks they're balls, and all balls must be thrown) but we got a couple pretty good ones!

And since my younger sister is currently serving a mission for our church and we have pretty limited communication with her, I decided to send her this package full of all sorts of blue stuff, and the pictures above, and some photo copies of ultrasound pictures, to share the good news!

Blue candy, and stars, and a lei, and balloons, and pictures

So now I have to get started on the adorable baby dinosaur blanket that I'm making for our new little boy.


  1. I hate when I don't hear about things like this until I probably should have heard already, but CONGRATS! =)

    1. Thanks Rachel! We haven't really done much to share the news, so you're not too out of the loop. :)