Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thanksgiving puppets

A few weeks ago I started on some Thanksgiving finger puppets. I was feeling so ahead of things! But of course I didn't finish them when I started them, and realized the other day that if I didn't get them finished and listed in the shop soon, I might as well just wait until next year! So I actually got them finished and listed.

Pilgrims, a turkey, and Native Americans Thanksgiving finger puppet set

I love the way this little turkey turned out. The colors are just so fall! I also love that my two-year-old runs around saying "gob-gobbo" whenever we talk about turkeys.

Native American finger puppets. (Is it ok to call them Indians? Is that offensive, or just not PC? I never know with these things...) I actually braided the felt for the girl's hair. I think that's my favorite thing about her.

Pilgrim finger puppets, with a buckle on the hat for the boy and apron and bonnet for the girl.

The whole set

I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving! I absolutely love making pies. I might have to start trying out a few recipes now to decide which ones to make for the big day... :)