Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daniel in the lion's den

I did another set of Bible story finger puppets - Daniel in the lion's den! It's always a favorite, and such a fun one to have puppets for.

I decided to test out the puppets with my two-year-old today to see how he liked them. So I told him about how Daniel prayed, and the king put him in the den of lions, and Daniel was scared the lions would eat him so he prayed and was safe. What did my toddler get out of it? "Lions eat him!" Hmm... I think I might need to tell it a little differently. (see Daniel chapter 6 for the full story) :)

 The king, Daniel, an angel, and two lions

I'm working on a bunch of new sets that I'm trying to get finished and listed for Christmas sales, so look forward to (hopefully) lots more posts and lots more puppets!

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