Tuesday, September 11, 2012

halloween puppets

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  The crisp fall air, the fun costumes, the candy (of course!), the colorful leaves, the spooky decorations, carving pumpkins, and eating all sorts of pumpkin-flavored goodies.  I love it.  Which is kind of weird, because I really dislike being scared, or even most scary movies.  I have to cover my eyes during anything gross in a movie or show. But I love Halloween!  Maybe because I avoid the haunted houses, and instead make costumes and delicious treats.

And this year to get ready, I also made some Halloween finger puppets!  I shared a sneak peek a few posts ago, but now they're finished.  I love the way they turned out.  Very Halloweeny (I know, it's not a word...) but not at all scary!  My kind of Halloween.

10 Halloween puppets and a haunted house that's a pouch to hold all the puppets

My favorite thing about this set is all the little details - the fishing line whiskers on the cat, the googley eyes on the monster, the scar on Frankenstein's forehead, the spider web in the window of the house... It was so fun to come up with the little details that really make this set feel complete!

All the puppets in the house pouch

Here's a few close-ups

Frankenstein puppet

Dracula puppet

Monster puppet

I'm so excited for Halloween!

And yes, they're available in my shop.  :)

Now to start on the awesome costumes I have planned for this year!

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