Thursday, July 5, 2012

rain, rain

It's raining today!  For the first time in over a month!  Some people might not want rain on their 4th of July holiday week, but for us, it is a huge blessing!  This has been one of the driest springs/summers ever here in Utah, and after over a dozen large wildfires already this season, the most recent just a few miles from my house, we are all counting our blessings and praying for the rain to continue.

Here are just a few of the pictures taken from our back yard over the past two days.

It kind of looks like the apocalypse.  You can see the pine trees in that last close-up shot.  It's been pretty crazy.  But we're all so grateful for all the firefighters for working so tirelessly to fight all these fires this summer, and for the rain that has helped put out this fire, and hopefully prevent more.

I was at the fabric store the morning before this fire started, and found this adorable fabric (which I'm now trying to come up with an excuse to buy!)  I just thought it was kind of fitting with this post. Except we certainly don't want this rain to go away!

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