Thursday, May 3, 2012

plush alphabet magnets - part 3: finished!

Once you've got your pattern, and sewn all your pieces, you're almost done!  All that's really left is to put the magnets on.

I used the adhesive magnet strips you can get at craft stores, and just cut it up into little pieces and stuck them on the back.  So easy!

And now they're ready to play with on your fridge, a cookie sheet, or with the quiet book matching game I made to go with them.

For the free printable version of all the quiet book pages, click here.

(Here's a preview of the first page)

Just print it out, then slip the pages into sheet protectors, and put more magnet strip pieces over the letters and shapes on the pages.  The easiest way to do this so they'll actually line up is just to stick the magnet piece intended for the page on the magnet on the plush letter/shape, then peel the paper off so the sticky side is exposed, and line the plush letter or shape up with the one on the page, pressing to make the second magnet stick to the page.  Ready to use!

If you don't feel like using it as a quiet book, it would also make some great coloring pages!  Or you could use it as a quiet book or file folder game just with paper pieces to match if you don't want to take the time to sew all the pieces.

Jack playing with his alphabet magnets for the first time.  He was kind of confused at first why they were all stuck.  Then he found one made from the same fabric as his "blankie" and held it up to his cheek.  Too cute.

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  1. Will you sew me some letters? I will pay you for them? I can do the magnet part! :) Let me know! Thanks!