Thursday, May 10, 2012


Some of my craft projects have been put to the back burner lately because I've been spending more time out in the garden!  I've been trying to get everything planted now that the sun has been shining and it's not getting below freezing over night.  Unfortunately, my big belly and the ensuing back aches have limited my garden time... but over the past couple weeks I've gotten a fair amount planted, and it's starting to look good!
This was taken the first week of April - still rather dead looking

This was taken May 1.  So much more is growing!  I planted some new things, and lots of the plants from last year started coming back to life.  It looks even better now, just a week later - some of the flowers have started to blossom!

This is one of my favorite little bedding areas in the yard.  Some of the plants are coming back from last year, and lots of them are new and just starting to grow and fill in, like some gorgeous peonies (hopefully we'll actually get blossoms on it this summer).  And we're planting another lilac, some hollyhocks, and some other things here too.  By next year this area will be amazing!

I can't wait to start eating those delicious peas and juicy tomatoes and sweet watermelons.  That is definitely the best part about a vegetable garden!  Everything just tastes so much better!  Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of the vegetable garden yet... I just find the flowers so much more photogenic!

But while I wait for all my fruits and vegetables, I get to enjoy some of the spring blossoms.

A beautiful pink double tulip

A red columbine in full bloom

Oh, I just love spring!

Now I should go actually finish up the new Bible story puppets I've been working on so I can share those with you too.

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