Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's hair pins

Valentine's is coming soon!  And since time has a way of slipping away from me, I decided to start some Valentine's projects a bit early so I could actually get them done before the holiday.

Here's my first round of heart-themed crafts: Valentine's hair pins.

They're all made from hearts (and a few other shapes) cut out of felt.  And if you prefer headbands or barrettes, you could just as easily attach them to those instead of bobby pins.

They're also all super easy to make.  That's my favorite part.

Love Bug

What you'll need:
2 colors of felt (I used light pink and burgundy)
Black fabric paint
Craft/fabric glue
Bobby pin

1. Cut out a heart approximately 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide (at the widest point)
2. Cut out a circle for the head (about .5" across, maybe smaller)
3. Cut out two antennae
4. Cut out five little tiny hearts

5. Glue the circle to the point of the heart to make the head.
6. Glue the antennae to the back of the head.
7. Glue the tiny hearts on the big heart.
(This picture shows the face already painted on, but I would wait until the end so you don't risk smudging it all over)

8. Cut out a little rectangle (it could be even shorter than the one shown below) and glue it to the back.  Only glue down the long sides, leaving the top and bottom (the small sides) open.  You're making a sleeve to slide the bobby pin through.

9. Slide the bobby pin through.  You can glue it in place if you want, but it stays pretty well on its own.

10. Paint on a little face, and your love bug is finished!

Heart Petal Flower

What you'll need:
2 colors of felt (I used red and white)
Bobby pin
Erasable fabric marker
Heart "patterns"

1. Make two paper heart patterns - one approximately 1.25" tall and wide, the other approximately .5" tall and wide.  If you don't feel like making them, you could always print them or use a stencil.  The main thing is you just want all your hearts to be the same size.

2. Cut out five hearts from the larger pattern, and four from the smaller pattern in a contrasting color.
(I know there are five little hearts here.  I planned on five, but decided four looked better.)

3. Lay the big heart petals out in an overlapping pattern to form the flower.  I like to lay them all out before I start gluing to make sure I get the spacing right.

You want them all overlapping the same way so there isn't a start or end.

4. Glue the heart petals together where they overlap.

5. Lay out the smaller hearts on top in a similar overlapping pattern, and glue down.

6. Cut out a little heart for the center of the flower, and glue down.

7. Make a sleeve for the bobby pin to slide through the same way as for the love bug (a little rectangle on the back.)  Make sure if the flower has a distinct top or bottom to put the sleeve the right direction.

8. Slide the bobby pin, and you're done!


What you'll need:
3 colors of felt (I used pink, purple, and white)
Bobby pin
1. Cut out two hearts, approximately 1" tall and wide
2. Cut out a rectangle about 1.25" tall, and then round off the corners.  Cut out another rectangle about half the length of the first.
3. Cut out two antennae from the same color as the rectangle.
4. Cut out little circles or hearts from the third color.

5. Glue hearts together with points overlapping.
6. Glue butterfly body over the overlapping points. 
7. Glue antennae to the back of the body.

8. Glue circles or hearts on butterfly wings.

9. Use the shorter rectangle to make a sleeve on the back to slide the bobby pin through.  Glue down both long sides, leaving the top and bottom open for the bobby pin.

Ta Da!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of them actually in someone's hair.  My hair wasn't looking especially lovely today, and I don't think using my son as a model for these would turn out very well!  But I did try them in my own hair, and they certainly would be cute if I had actually done my hair!  And if I was a little girl...  :)

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