Tuesday, January 10, 2012

date night fail

Lately I've seen lots of posts/pins/blogs about date nights.  Ideas for date nights with your spouse, how important it is, 52 dates (one per week), pre-paid date night baskets, etc. So I got to thinking that my husband and I should try to do a little more than just watch a movie on our couch like we so often do.

Around Thanksgiving we talked about it, and decided that we would take turns planning date nights every Friday night to try to mix things up a bit.  We had a few successful weeks - game night, baking cookies, going out to dinner with some friends - but then we had all sorts of family things for the holidays.  So for the new year, I decided we should have renewed commitment!

Want to know how our first "date night" of the year went?  Miserably.  Literally.

Why?  We both had food poisoning.  Talk about killing the mood.  Instead of butterflies it felt like lumps of lead in my stomach.  And nothing says romance like nausea.  Oh wait...

Luckily my wonderful mother was there to help out with Jack, and to make us some dinner when we finally felt like eating.

I had chicken noodle soup (like a normal sick person)

And my husband had bacon and eggs with hot sauce!  (he's crazy)

So after that epic fail at a date night, here's to hoping this week's goes a little better.  But here's the other problem.  Most of the blogs I've looked at for ideas all have ideas that are really cutesy and cheesy.  Two things my husband does not go for (and I often agree).   I think my husband would refuse to ever go on a date again if I tried something like leaving him a trail of love notes with clues to the next one.  (Can't tell you how many variations on this I've seen on blogs about dating...)  So I'm left trying to come up with ideas on my own. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Maybe we'll just watch a movie.


  1. We are terrible at date night too. It has gotten easier now that I have children old enough to babysit. But date night still usually consists of dinner and a trip to Costco. We are boring people. I suppose the key is just spending time together and not what you do! Here's to better future date nights!

  2. The Costco date is a classic for us too! And if we go out to dinner too, it usually means hot dogs at the food court. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Megan my friend!
    We literally just had this conversation. And we decided to switch off planning it too! And just to help out I thought really hard about it for a few days and wrote a list of ideas and put it on the fridge. Whenever I get inspiration I write it on there, so neither of us really has too much planning to do. And most date nights include the baby... go on a walk, drive, go out to dinner, go out to ice cream, picnic (when it's warm), rent a movie, we want to see the new City Creek Center, have a painting night (watching a youtube tutorial?), cookie or cake decorating (don't know if Alan will go for that, I had to try to convince Remington), go back to Provo and see what's changed on campus (and eat at the creamery, of course!), visit an old cemetery, get someone for the baby and go to the temple (what's it like to go together? I can't remember!), historic SLC walks (there's suggestions on the Utah Historical Society website), go to a museum, or a super favorite, do a puzzle together. Whew! That's my list. It looks like you're still in the Salt Lake area. We. Must. Get. Together. soon. Hope all is well with you!!!!

    1. Tenille! Thanks for the ideas! One of our date nights was actually coming up with a list for date nights. Haha. Now I have some new ideas to add! Also, just last week something reminded me of you, and I thought "I miss that girl! We need to get together!" We must still have that psychic connection. :)