Tuesday, January 24, 2012

furry friends

I've been working on lots of animal puppets lately.  A Noah's Ark set, a farm set, a whole army of elephants (more on that later) and various others.  Some are still in the designing phase - just not quite sure how to make some of them actually look like the animal they're supposed to be... But a lot of them I think have turned out pretty well!

So introducing a few of my new furry friends:

 Noah, Mrs. Noah, the ark, and some of the animals they took along for the ride.

 Old McDonald and a few of his farm animals with their barn

Okay, I know these sets have people too, but they're mostly animals.  And I think you can even tell what most of them are!  That's what I'm mostly proud of.  :)  It was fun coming up with the little details - like pink noses and eyelashes for the girls on Noah's Ark, or the curly tail on the back of the pig (sorry, no pictures), or the little cow bell on Bessy.

When I first started on my Noah's Ark set, I somehow forgot about the animals coming in pairs... How I forgot that part, I have no idea. But I made one of each animal, then looked at my handy work, and knew something was missing.  All the girl animals!  What would Noah have done if he'd been like me and only remembered one of each?  Disastrous.  Good thing I wasn't in charge.

I'm also working on some sets for Bible stories and some classic children's stories.  Any recommendations?

Oh, and both of these sets are available in my shop.  More coming soon!

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