Monday, December 5, 2011

snowball garland

Here's a really simple Christmas/winter decoration that you can make in about 10 minutes!

We don't have a fireplace, so I was trying to figure out how and where to hang our stockings this year, when I decided to make this little garland to hold our stockings.

What you'll need:
Fishing line
White pom-poms in at least 2 sizes (I used 3/4" and 10 mm)

1. Measure out the length of fishing line you'll need for wherever you're planning to hang your garland.  If you want it to drape, be sure to add several inches extra.  (It's better to err on the side of it being too long.  It's really easy to just slide the pom-poms down and cut off the extra line later if you need to.)

2. Tie a knot at one end of the line.

3. Thread the needle on the other end, and then start skewering the pom-poms!  I tried to mix it up, and not just do big, small, big, small.  Sometimes I was really crazy and did two of the same size in a row!  Just to keep things from getting too boring.

4. When you think you have enough pom-poms, spread out the fishing line and then space out your "snowballs" how you think you want them.

I tried not to space them too evenly, again so it wouldn't look super rigid and boring.  If you think you need a few more, keep threading pom-poms.  If you have too many, take a few off!  

5. Tie a knot at the other end, and you're done!  See what I mean about easy?  Now just hang it up and enjoy!  (If you're lazy like me, you can even just use some clear tape to hang it.  Or you can make loops at either end, and use nails.)  

If you're planning to hang your stockings on the garland, you can either just "thread" them on, or you can make separate loops of fishing line to tie on.

Another fun idea for a garland like this would be to add some paper snowflakes!  I just might have to add some to mine... 

I kind of have a thing for making paper snowflakes.

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