Wednesday, December 7, 2011

festival of trees

For the past several years I have gone with my mom to the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City.  If you live in Utah and haven't been, you should definitely go next year!  There are literally hundreds of trees - some small, some huge, and they are all beautifully decorated.  And what's even more amazing is that every single one was donated.  They are then auctioned off, and all proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. Ticket and food sales go to Primary Children's as well.  So if nothing else, go to support that.

But if you love Christmas, and are looking for some fun decorating ideas, go check to see all of the amazing trees!  There are a lot of kind of Christmas standards - lots of Santas and snowmen and candy canes.  But there are always some that are a bit more "creative" - like Harry Potter themed, BYU themed, or even Wizard of Oz.

Here are a few of my favorites from last year and this year:

This was a craft themed tree for all my crafty friends out there!  It's got measuring tape for ribbon, scissors, pin cushions, fabric ornaments, etc.  So fun!

I just thought this tree was really pretty with soft shades of gold and vintage inspired ornaments and Santa.

(They also had quilts and other crafts there) This quilt is an advent calendar!  What a fantastic idea!  Now if only I could quilt...

A neon tree donated by... The Neon Trees!  Seriously.  Pretty great.

How awesome is this?!  It's a whole row of Christmas trees curved to look like a wave, with a surfing Santa!!  Definitely one of the most original, coolest displays I've seen at the festival.

This tree was absolutely beautiful.  All of the nativity ornaments were hand painted.

Just loved the turquoise and gold with musical instruments.

This one's for all my fellow White Collar fans!  I may or may not have a crush on Neal Caffrey... don't tell my husband.

There's always at least one upside down tree.  I thought this one was super cute with the dog on top, and all the dog treat ornaments and such.  And my little guy really wanted to climb in there and hug all the stuffed dogs.  He's kind of obsessed with dogs.

And probably one of my all-time favorites: The UP tree!  Complete with mailbox, paradise falls jar, explorer goggles, Kevin, Doug, and of course - the house and balloons on top of the tree!  So great!

Well, there you have it.  If you can believe it, I had to seriously cut down on all of the pictures I wanted to post because there were so many amazing trees!  But I figured I'd share some of the more original ones - things you might be less inclined to actually put in your home, but that are so much fun!

My goal is to be able to decorate and donate a tree myself for next year!  Any great ideas?  

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