Saturday, November 12, 2011

my first finger puppets

These little guys were the inspiration for actually starting this blog and my etsy shop.  I was so proud of myself for designing and making them all myself!  I often feel like I'm not particularly creative or crafty, and then I surprise myself with something that turns as good as I hoped.  So these few finger puppets led to ideas for lots and lots and more, and now I'm a finger-puppet-making fiend.

One of my favorite parts about these: the pouch.  Not because it's particularly creative or exciting, but because I used a piece of fabric that was leftover from a previous project, and was already cut to the perfect size, and lined with interfacing.  It was fate!

And I know it's a little past Halloween... but I love Halloween, and I love these little guys!  They're just fun!  

Don't worry, I already have several more Halloween finger puppet ideas in the works.  But I think I'll have to hold off on those until I finish all of the Christmas ones I'm working on.


  1. Love these, and all your puppets. Especially the nativity ones. To die for.