Monday, February 3, 2014

The Easter Story

A little while ago I was contacted about a custom order with several Bible story finger puppet sets. In particular, she wanted the Easter story. I've done several Bible stories before, but never this one, so I was excited to design and make it! Especially because she's taking them with her on a humanitarian mission to South America. What a wonderful opportunity!

For the Easter set I made the resurrected Jesus, Mary, two apostles, a soldier, and the tomb.

The stone can be removed to place the puppets inside, or just for telling the story.

Jesus emerging from the tomb

And a little closer view of the five puppets.

I loved getting the chance to work on this set right after Christmas. Even though it's just little felt finger puppets, it still helped me continue trying think more about the Savior throughout my day. And since we've got some time before Easter still, I'm hoping to get a few more of these made!

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  1. Would love a set like this.
    How much ? And how soon could I get
    Super cute.