Saturday, October 12, 2013

like a kid in a candy shop

That's how I feel going into fabric stores, especially when they're having big sales! I just couldn't help myself, and ended up buying lots of fabric yesterday.

But see, I could justify at least some of it because I need to make our Halloween costumes. And I got some orders from my shop, so I needed to get some more felt. And well, I'm sure I'll find lots of awesome things to do with all that adorable Christmas fabric! I'm planning to make stockings this year, and maybe a matching tree skirt, and hopefully an advent calendar that I've been planning to make for a couple years now. And I have a few ideas for Christmas items for the shop. Assuming I get them made in time... 

So this should keep me busy for a while! I'll be sure to share the finished products whenever I actually get them finished!

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