Saturday, September 21, 2013

princesses, dragons, and knights, oh my!

It only took about nine months... but I finally got around to making more fairy tale finger puppets! And in more colors! I decided I need to start stocking up for the holidays, since that's always my busiest time for my shop. So I started with these little cuties.

So, somehow my three-year-old knows what a knight is, and informed me that this knight was going to ride a horse and go on a quest. He never ceases to crack me up!

Here are the different color options I have so so far.

I decided to just start with princesses in pink, blue, and purple, with coordinating knights and castles. But if they do well, or if I have time, I want to add some more colors or color combinations. What color(s) would you want?

My favorite part about designing any of my puppet sets is the little details. I think my favorites on this set are the little sparkly heart on the princess's crown, the little dragon ears, and the knight's shield.

And of course, the castle doubles as a pouch to hold your puppets when you're done playing!

I've got several new sets in various stages of design, and I'm excited to get them finished over the next few weeks. And some fun Christmas crafts, and of course Halloween costumes! It should be a busy fall!