Thursday, August 16, 2012

how to swaddle a baby

I'm working on a "tips for new moms" post, but I thought I'd give you a little preview of one of my absolute favorite tips for moms (or dads) of newborns: swaddling!

Swaddling helps babies feel snug and secure, and keeps them warm of course.  Most babies love being swaddled, and sleep much better wrapped up tight in a blanket.  Plus they look like adorable little baby burritos!

I know there are lots of different swaddling blankets you can buy at all of the various baby stores, but a simple receiving blanket will do the trick.  They're usually cheaper, just as easy to use, and chances are you got a lot of them from baby showers and other well-wishers.

Not sure how to swaddle without the velcro, zippers, etc?  It's really easy!

                   1. Lay the blanket out flat
                   2. Place baby centered at the top of the blanket, with the blanket at the top of their shoulders
(Grumpy baby because he's not wrapped up in his blankie)

                   3. Pull the left side of the blanket across baby, and tuck it under the opposite shoulder.

(Make sure it's pretty tight with each fold/tuck, or they'll wiggle their way out and get grumpy about it! And make sure their arms are at their side or crossed over their stomach.  If they're up by their face, they'll wiggle out.)

                   4. Now pull the right side across, and tuck it under their other shoulder.

                   5. Open out the bottom of the blanket so you can see the "inside" of the blanket
(Also good if you want your child to look like a mermaid/merman...)

                   6. Pull the bottom up so it meets the top of the blanket, just under baby's chin.

                   7. Tuck one side under baby

                   8. Now tuck the other side, pulling to make sure they're all nice and snug
Ta-da!  Happy baby!  See the little turquoise tail on the right side?  That's from the final tuck - give it a bit of tug to tighten everything up.


  1. Thank you for this!. All I have are receiving blankets that I got as gifts and thought they were too small for swaddling, but now tried this on my 10 day old baby and they worked perfectly.