Monday, June 25, 2012

Emily and Richard

Several of my dear friends from college are in various stages of the adoption process.  One of these couples just recently adopted a baby boy, and I am beyond thrilled for them!  Another couple is Emily and Richard.  They are still looking for their baby.  So I wanted to do something to maybe help them along the way, by sharing a little here.

A beautiful video to help you get to know Emily and Richard, what amazing parents they will be, and how you can help (have some tissues ready!)

Emily was basically a pseudo-roommate in college - we never actually lived in the same apartment, but we might as well have.  She is truly one of the happiest, kindest, most fun, uplifting, caring, thoughtful, selfless people I have ever been blessed to know.  And she loves kids.  She teaches elementary school.  I don't think I can count the number of times she has done something thoughtful and kind for me, much less everyone else she meets.  She would leave me little notes when I was having a hard time, or come over and keep me company, or make no-bake cookies, or breakfast, or whatever.

We went on an awesome road trip together.  It was epic.  :)

One of the many "theme parties" we had in college

Here's a slightly more recent picture of Richard, Emily, and their cute puppy on their fifth wedding anniversary

Her husband, Richard, I don't know quite as well (they got engaged and married while I was living in Europe), but he is a perfect match for Emily, which says so much about his character and what kind of father he will be.  But in the time I have spent time with him, he is always happy, positive, and fun to be around.

You just can't help but feel happy when you're around these two.

I am so inspired by them and their faith and courage through this whole process.  Instead of complaining or being bitter, they are always looking at the positive in their situation, making the most of it, and looking forward to the day they can hold their baby in their arms.  

If you happen to know of anyone looking to place their baby for adoption, please look at their adoption blog and share the information about this amazing couple.  And if not, please look at their adoption blog anyway, and help spread the word.

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